Student Affairs Council, IITR
A student led, active organization that engages with, empowers and represents the diverse student population of IIT Roorkee.
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Installation of Energy efficient Lights

Installation of 1200 new LED tube lights in the campus buildings under the UJALA scheme of Prime minister Narendra Modi in collaboration with the ministry of power and PSUs (Public sector units) which are more energy efficient than the traditional tube lights.

Tinkering laboratory consisting of an advisory committee and a business incubation center TIDES was set up.

General Championship

In order to increase bhawan culture, general championships like inter bhawan cultural trophy, sports trophy and technical trophy was initiated.

Privatization of Mess

Privatization of mess and with a vision to improve the quality of food served in the hostel mess.

3rd Meeting of the Students' Senate
Feb. 13, 2017

The meeting was attended by a total of 59 out of the 99 senators and 4 out of 7 members of the Student Executives.

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KIH Cafeteria
March 22, 2017

The non-vegetarian people were a misfit in the IITR campus way back when only vegetarian food was served in the hostels. They either had to suppress their desire of non-vegetarian food or they had to go out of the campus. To deal with this problem, non-vegetarian food was introduced in the mess of all the hostels, on some particular days of the week. But there were issues related to the quality

Rethink! The Tinkering Lab
March 22, 2017

From the dawn of time, whenever humanity has wanted to know more, we have achieved it most effectively not by removing ourselves from the world to ponder and theorize, but rather by getting our hands dirty and making careful observations of real stuff. In short, we have learned primarily by tinkering. Sticking to the same line of thought, IIT Roorkee recently saw the opening of Rethink - the Tinke

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How many credits do I need to get a degree?
Total 160 credits which can be achieved by opting courses offered by Department as well as the institute electives. And 180 for honours.
How is Grading done in IIT roorkee?
Grading is relative. As the name suggests, it means that your result is judged on the basis of your performance relative to the class. There is a specific mathematical formula which is used to calculate your grade in the course. This grade later translates into your grade point average of all the courses you have taken in a semester.
How is GPA calculated?
GPA or Grade Point Average is a rating that is used to judge your academic performance. You are given a grade in each course after completion. You multiply the grades? values with the corresponding courses? credit and add all of them up. Now you divide it by the sum of credits, and you get your grade point average.
How can one change his/ her branch?
Branch can be changed after one semester, students with the highest CGPA are given the priority, where AIR is used to break the tie.
What is Merit Cum Means(MCM) Scholarship?
Top 25% students of a branch are eligigble for MCM, whose parent's income is less than rupees 4.5 lakhs per annum. Tution fee is refunded as well as 10k stipend is given per year.
What is Text Book Loan Scheme (TBLS) ?
Every semester students are eligible to loan textbooks from college library for a period of 4 months.
What is Tinkering Lab?
Just as the name suggests, this place is designed for IITR junta to tinker with ideas. Developed in association with Oxigen, with the grand vision of producing 100 entrepreneurs from the campus, the tinkering lab was inaugurated by Shri. Manohar Parrikar, Hon Defence minister on 22nd May 2016. In future, you are definitely going to witness fortune 500 companies talking about their origins in this lab.
How to book EC Auditorium?
Get an Application signed by the HOD of the EC&CSE Department and hand it over to the caretaker for the available slots and dates.
Where is Alpahar or University Canteen?
Alpahar is the oldest eatery on campus, rumored to have been here for nearly half a century. Last year in mid November, Alpahar was shifted from the heart of the campus to its present location near Khosla International House.
What are Timings of Students Club or Under Graduate (UG) Club?
Open from 11AM ? 2PM and from 5PM-9PM.
What are the timings of girls hostels?
The girls have to back by 11PM to their respective hostels.
What are the names of the boys hostels?
Rajiv, Rajendra, Radhakrishnan(RKB), Ganga, Cautley, Azad, Govind, Ravindra and Jawahar
Can a student appear for another company after he is selected for one/another in placements?
As soon as the student secures a job in Category-A, he/she will be out of the Placement Session and will not be allowed to appear for any other company. (Category-A are companies having CTC > 7 LPA ). For more info refer this doc :
I have been selected for internship in a company but no acknowledgement has been received from the company's side? What to do?
Contact student reps in the Placement Office.
What are the rules and regulations for rejecting a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO)?
A student rejecting a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) will be allowed to apply to companies offering CTC greater than the CTC offered in the PPO and will specifically be not allowed to appear for the company of which he/she has rejected the PPO.
Can you apply for foreign internship after you have got an on campus internship?
Yes, you can apply for research internships after you have got an on campus intern but applying to corporates or startups will get you debarred from placement process next year.
Do companies allow students to apply for internship or placements with CGPA less than 6?
Most of the companies on initial days do have a CGPA criteria of 7 or 7.5 but as the process moves on the criteria relaxes.
Is it necessary to attend the Pre Placement talk of the company you have applied to?
Yes, if you don't attend then disciplinary actions can be taken against you. You should attend the PPT and make notes about the CTC and the profile which helps you later in the process.